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<( ' ' )> Friday, April 18, 2008
As you can see,our blog aint the most popular in the world.Yet.So this section is devoted to some Not Frequently Asked questions which have nevertheless been asked.So we'll just reply to some of them.

Q: This whole site is nothing but cheap humour!!!!You people are brainless imbeciles!!!!I'm so intelligent and pompus and i have a bus shoved up my anus,which would explain my stuckupness!!!

Waffle: Dududududu~The wind whispers in my ear...

Peanut: I'm sorry, but I know you're dumb. Please try to understand by boiling your head.

Q: Your drawings are horrible.Why?Cant afford photoshop ah?

Waffle: We're new to this blogging thing.And yes we do have photoshop.But don't forget,cool dudes are'nt very smart,so we'll stick to paint for the time being.Thank you.

Peanut: Anyway, paint is what the masters use. only noobs use photoshop. and we always put the consumer before us. we're scared that if we use photoshop, it might cause the meltdown of somebody's brain due to excessive geniustic works of art.

Q: =.=

Waffle:Yes we know its hard to understand at first,just try your best.We are after all,genii(plural for genius) and you're not.

Peanut: I recommend reading our IQ Improvement book. We have millions of satisfied users.

Q: Euu bloody f***king chee bais!!!Kanina!!U think veri funny arhhs!!!KNNCCB you all lar!!

Waffle:Sorry,i'm not fluent in idiot.

Peanut: The guy means that we totally rule, and should continue to produce such wonderful pieces of work. Such a nice guy...

Q: Where's the emphasis on (Insert some global event nobody cares about here)

Waffle:404 error.This webpage cannot be shown,so chop off your fingers (online equivalent of shut your mouth) and go somewhere else.

Peanut: Global events are not cool. Period.

CherryDonut @ 7:59 PM
domo 7:59 PM

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