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<( ' ' )> Sunday, March 30, 2008
Pose number 1

The nonchalant intellectual pose

One must sit at a table,preferablly one laden with loads of thin books.(We dont want anything getting in the way of your pretty faces now do we?)Then,rest your cheek or jaw on a hand and look at the handphone camera out of the corner of your eye to give that i-dont-really-care-about -this-picture sort of look.

Coolness factor 4/10
Pose number 2

The real emit attitude pose.

This pose is great for emo people who love wearing mascara around their eyes.You have to really show your true attitude till the point where it comes out in read flames around you.NEVER face the camera fully.Either look at it with your back or side facing the camera.Remember,attitude is the key here.

Coolness factor 6/10

Pose number 3

The look down at the camera with that buay song lian pose.

As the name implies,you give a real buay song lian and look down at the camera and take a picture of yourself.Best used when wearing a jacket and with the wind swirling your clothes and hair.Why?To give that chinese kung fu movie feel where the main character is preparing to avenge his slain loved ones.Use flying leaves or Sakura around your feet for added effect.

Coolness factor 7/10

Pose number 4

The partner pose

Hey cool dudes are supposed to be socially active huh?They need to keep up with their huge fan base!No cool dude should be seen as without friends.In this pose,you take a picture with somwone as cool as yourself.It can be a bro,a potential mating partner, aka, girlfriend,or, as can be seen in the drawing,a gingerbread man.

Coolness factor 5/10.If you pose with a gingerbread man,8/10

One thing these poses have in common?They are all super cliche.Ill show you guys some real cool and original poses next time.And before i get labelled as sexist for not including female poses,please read those white words at the top of the browser.See the word dude?Yeah,its not dudette.Dude.Dude.Dude.
All pictures drawn by mouse and paint.Wanted to rip off some cliche poses from other blogs,but i dont think the consequences and complications will be all that great.Waffle Signing off.

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domo 10:25 AM

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