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<( ' ' )> Sunday, March 30, 2008
Peanut here. Now having a good reputation in school is very important, cos nobody's gonna look at your blog if you don't have good contacts. So let's look at a few easy steps to coolify your pathetic school life.

You'll fit in quite well if you make jokes that are 1. Lame 2. Lamer than the jokes cracked by your lame fren 3. Lamer than the lamer joke that your fren cracked in order to be lamer than the fren before him who cracked the lame joke in the first place. Here's an example: "Where? UNDERWEAR WORAH WORAH WORAH". See? You can totally sense the coolness aura given off by it. By the way, the aura should be pink in colour.

Test and exams:
The requirements for being cool based on test results is exceptionally high. For a cool dude to be cool, you must first score a MAXIMUM of 0 marks for the next class test or exam. This goes to show how intelligent you are, and the amount of hard work that you put in in preparing for the test. You can imagine the sense of pride which is felt when you show the test paper to your parents. So fellow cool dudes! Study hard!!!!

A cool dude must be sporty. Their favourite games include soccer, and basketball. Let's talk about soccer. It is a lame ass, kick ball game, where the opposing teams fall in love with the soccer ball, and then suddenly hate it, where they kick the ball with all their might into the net. And the worst part is, the goalkeeper RESURRECTS the ball, and the game continues. Who invented this game? Who knows? Did you know that about a hundred car accidents happen daily because some idiot kicked a soccer ball onto the road and got knocked down by a car? Poor soccer ball...

Fashion sense:
Having a good fashion sense in school is possible. To be cool in school, one must 1.Tuck out their shirts 2.Defy gravity with their hair 3.Wear ankle socks to increase surface area to volume ratio to diffuse more dust particles into their skin. 4.Don't wear the school badge. The end result? You end up looking like the poor beggar you really are. Not that it's a bad thing. You could actually earn money if you hold an empty cup in your hand wearing that outfit.

Ok i'll stop here. Try out those steps if you want to be cool!

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