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<( ' ' )> Saturday, March 29, 2008
Hey. YOYOYO muh name is nigga p x to the z y to the a dx/dy=y=mcx/e.Which translates to...WAFLLE!Yeah i know.My name alone exudes sheer unadulterated coolness.As expected from me i guess.The first step in online coolness will be to well,create a totally cool blog.Dont be despaired even if you cant create one as great as this,after all,the authors of this site are internationally renowned cool dudes.Today,i will simply start with steps 1 and 2.

Essentially,a cool blog documents the life of a cool person who simply thinks people actually want to know about his/her life.In actual fact,its pretty obvious that they are simply either friends and are visiting the blog out of respect or,which is very prevalent in our society,simply sexually attracted to the blog's writer and will trudge through paragraphs of incomprehensible rambling simply to further understand the psyche of the potential mating partner.

Step 1:Include loads and loads of boring lame ass rambling.I shall enclose a short section written by me for reference.

24th April 2009
Yay!Its mhuaii bhirthdaees.It ees aee really happiiies dayyeee for miiees.Buutt then whorx,todae the teacher horss,very means lehhs.

You now continue on about how the teacher forced you to work that diminutive mind of yours by piling 3 questions onto you to go home and finish as homework,how you accidentally dropped a strand of perfectly sculpted hair into the sink and a whole bunch of lame ass crap in an equally lame ass monotonous tone.

Step 2:Step 2 is to enclose loads of lame ass pictures of yourself in all sorts of idiotic "step" poses to attract mating partners.I will enclose some examples when i have the time.But first,to explain the word step.

It means...to use the underside of your foot to apply pressure or force unto sth.(official waffle definition)But...has been adopted INGENIOUSLY (notice the caps?) to mean act. Eg. Mai step cool lar. Wah..step seh...

Origin of this word is unknown to me.Probing will only decrease my IQ to a further negative value.My guess is that since this phrase originated form matts(gangsta malays) which come from broken families,the word step is taken from the words stepmother/stepfather, probalby to refer to sth which physically exists but does not serve its intended purpose or fulfil its duties.

Alright thats it, until next time.bb

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